Buying your first home is an exciting time for you and your family.

Undoubtedly, as a prospective homebuyer, you’ll want to do everything you can to ensure a successful and smooth transition into homeownership. Your dreams of owning a home hinge on a number of factors. Possibly the most important factor is obtaining the right loan program that puts your future first.

The best way to plan out your future as a homeowner is to first consult with a mortgage loan professional and undergo the pre-approval process.

Get Pre-Approved

Getting pre-approved gives you all the information you need to lead your home search. Our office can tell you how much home you can finance and will be able to explain your estimated monthly payment and fees. This information will provide the financial guidance necessary to begin your journey.

Select Your Loan

Our office can provide you with several loan programs that fit your needs and meet your expectations. Whether you’re looking for a conventional or FHA loan, a fixed or adjustable rate; our loan experts can determine what is right for you, even if you need downpayment assistance.

These two steps are the biggest ones you can make before launching your home search. The pre-approval process can bring a blurry financial picture into focus because it allows you to make adjustments. Your loan terms and mortgage rate will be viewable, which will give you purchase power.

Along the way, here are other tips to consider before shopping for a home/making a formal offer:

  • Avoid large purchases on credit.
  • Save as much money as you can.
  • Refrain from switching jobs.
  • Don’t open new credit cards.

Speaking with a mortgage professional in order to obtain a pre-approval is the best place to start your home search. Contact us today to begin!